Sunday, July 18, 2010

The joys of the farmers' market

Ah...Sunday in CT means only one thing. The Coventry Farmers' Market. For those of you not fortunate enough to live nearby, this is one bad ass farmer's market. Dozens of white tents in an open field with surprises galore. Goat cheese, short ribs, beet greens, and a guy with a wood-burning oven in the bed of his truck. All under scorching hot sun (or in a muddy soup) with musical accompaniment to boot. And chocolate donuts. It is what I look forward to on Sundays all summer long.

The family and I started our Sunday morning routine with a trip to Target and 5 things on our list. With a full cart and an empty wallet we were done. First the ATM, then the market.

I had nothing specific in mind, but the thing I love about the market is that it is full of inspiration. Previous trips have awarded bags of organic beef, squash blossoms, giant zucchini (for 50 cents each), peaches, cherries, herbs of all kinds, and the requisite cookie...or cupcake...or pie.

Today was hot. Very hot. Undaunted, we put hats on kids' heads and set forth. 45 minutes later, we had a full bag, another empty wallet, and happy kids with chocolatey faces.

Today's loot included 8 giant red beets, 2 pints of juicy raspberries, a brown bag full of ripe peaches, two packages of monstrous organic short ribs, and 3 chocolate donuts (didn't actually make it home).

Now, what to do with them?

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